Schedule and Ticket Information



Ticket Information

Friday, June 16    
6:00 pm Registration and Order of Performance Draw for Contestants  
7:30 pm Gala Concert Performed by Members of the Jury Buy Tickets!
Saturday, June 17    
10:00am Young Musicians Category  
2:00pm Junior Category  
Sunday, June 18    
2:00pm Junior Category (Continued)  
Monday, June 19    
10:00am Advanced Category, Round 1  
Tuesday, June 20    
10:00am Advanced Category, Round 1 (Continued)  
Wednesday, June 21    
10:00am Intermediate Category, Round 1  
Thursday, June 22    
10:00am Advanced Category, Round 2  
Friday, June 23    
10:00am Intermediate Category, Final Round  
12:00pm Antonio Pompa-Baldi - Master Class Buy Tickets! 
2:00pm Lecture TBD  
Saturday, June 24    
2:30pm Advanced Category, Final Round

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Sunday, June 25    
5:00pm Winners Concert, Awards Ceremony, Reception

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All competition events are FREE (unless denoted above with an option to buy tickets) and open to the Public.

All competition events take place at:
Trianon Theatre
72 N. 5th Street
San Jose, CA 95112